Probate and Administration of Estate Charges

No probate case is the same.   Our charges vary depending on factors including the size of the estate, number of assets and liabilities that we need to deal with and what tax forms need to be submitted.

Our minimum charge for a very straightforward uncontested Probate is £1,600.00 plus VAT (if applicable) at 20% but please contact us so that we can provide a quotation.   It may be that we can work on a fixed fee basis or alternatively our typical hourly charging rate is £225 plus VAT (if applicable) at 20%, where there are external executors or £270 plus VAT (if applicable) at 20% where we are acting as executor.

Likely disbursements include £273 for Probate Court fee, £1.50 per office copy. It may also be necessary to advertise for creditors in the London Gazette and a local newspaper for which fees will apply. Where VAT is payable, it will normally be payable at 20%.

Fee earner undertaking the work

Probate and estate administration work is dealt with either by Mrs. Maureen Lee, a Solicitor who qualified in 1979, or Miss Jennifer Lee, a Solicitor who qualified in 2010.

VAT: To find out whether VAT at the rate of 20% will be added to our charges and as to whether it will be payable on disbursements, please click here.