Applications to Employment Tribunals for unfair/wrongful dismissal

Our charges set out here apply to us representing you in relation to applications to an Employment Tribunal for unfair and/or wrongful dismissal.   Additional charges may apply if you rely upon other grounds in addition to unfair/wrongful dismissal, such as sex discrimination.   Where your case is likely to involve grounds in addition to unfair/wrongful dismissal we will be pleased to advise you of our charges upon your supplying us with further information regarding your case.

Our charges for acting for you on a claim for unfair/wrongful dismissal are £195 per hour plus VAT.   We have a minimum charge of £50 plus VAT.

As at January 2019, no fees are payable to the Employment Tribunal to commence your application, but government policy may change.

We would normally arrange for a specialist barrister to represent you at all hearings before a Tribunal. The amount of the barrister’s fees will depend upon the time that the hearing is likely to take and the seniority of the barrister and could range from a few hundred pounds to many thousands of pounds.

If we attend a Tribunal hearing then we charge our travelling expenses. It is possible in some cases that other disbursments will be incurred such as obtaining a report from an expert (such as a report from an employment consultant as to the prospects of your obtaining alternative employment) or undertaking searches against your employer. It is impossible to give an accurate estimate as to the total cost as these could range from a few hundred pounds where matters are resolved by agreement at an early stage to many thousands of pounds in a more complicated case.

Key Stages and Timescale

Following your supplying us with the information that we would need to be able to start your case, we would normally write a letter to your employer giving details of your claim. Such a letter may be sufficient to persuade your employers to attempt to negiotiate settlement.   If a settlement is not agreed then the next step would be for the case to be referred to ACAS for early conciliation in the hope that ACAS could assist in bringing about a settlement.   If that is not possible or if your employer does not respond to attempts by ACAS to contact them, we would issue an application to a Tribunal. The Tribunal would require your employer to file a response to your claim and it would then give directions for the hearing of your claim, including the filing of witness statements and documents.   The Tribunal process is not fast and an average time would be in the region of six months from the lodging of the application until you receive a final decision but depending upon the facts involved, it could take more than a year.   If a decision is made in your favour and your employer fails to comply with the decision then we would have to take steps to enforce the decision. That would result in additional work and your possibly having to pay Court fees, though depending upon your income and capital you may be able to obtain help with regard to these.   The Court fee would depend upon the particular steps being taken to enforce the Order, such as arranging for a bailiff to seize your employer’s goods or obtain a charging order against premises they own. The time that it would take to recover the amount due to you would depend upon the means of enforcement used.   There is no certainty that attempts to enforce the order will be successful.

Fee Earner undertaking the work

Generally application to the Employment Tribunal are dealt with by Mr Jeffrey Lee, a solicitor with over 40 years litigation experience. If the work was undertaken by another fee earner it would be undertaken under the direct supervision of Mr Jeffrey Lee.